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About Us

Barock’s philosophy

The barber history dates back to ancient Egypt. Arising out of the belief that evil could enter the body through the hair and had to be removed by cutting it. By the fifth century, the art of trimming and grooming became an important profession in Ancient Greece. It was the birth place where many of the first barbershops were created. Theses barbershops served dual-functions and became meeting places, similar to a private club for men. It was a place where they enjoyed reunions with conversations on philosophy, politics, as well as communal matters. Those barbershops to them were as important as the Agora, their public place of assembly. By the end of 19th century up to the beginning of the World War II, barbershops were rivalling taverns and pubs in terms of popularity. They served as a ‘hang-out’ place for men, who came in not only for a shave or haircut, but also to catch up on current news and have a chat with friends. Many visitors would return weekly or even daily.

Barock Barbershop provides a that community for the men of Hong Kong. We want our customers to walk away not only having a great cut and shave, but to connect with our community with a good conversation on current affairs. Like our timed tradition, our customers will get to relax, sink into one of our traditional barber chairs and indulge into a classic wet shaving experience or a clipper haircut that is tailored exclusively on men’s hair in an atmosphere akin to your neighbourhood tavern pub.

Inside the Barock

The concept of our store design is based on the Modern Baroque style, with pieces derived from reclaimed gear, antique furniture. The Baroque Horse are descendants of horses in the Middle Ages with muscular hindquarters an arched neck and a powerful presence. They are often the most romantic and majestic animals, flowing of mane & tail and noble of confirmation. Historically, the baroque horse was a war horse, but it became trained to perform haute ecole in modern dressage.

Vintage barbering accessories, hot towel machines, hot lather machines and head massagers sit alongside our modern, state-of-the-art equipment and products.

What You Can Expect

Our barber crew are specialized and here to serve. Taking inspiration from the traditional barbering experience and adding a contemporary twist and modern service ethos as to surprise you with a sense of awe and grandeur.

Barber Cyn loves story. She believes facial hair can tell the story of a character’s emotional or mental state. It is about bringing people to the light and connecting.

Barber James is also a skateboarder, cinematographer and music producer. He is ready to talk, to hang out with the fellows, talk about sports, music, relationships. Whether you want a vintage, classic, or modern look, James is here for you! Word is Bond.

Inspired by Rock & Roll, Barber Greg loves Barbering that is not only hairstyles that command attention, but also it is in between barber and client who create them and record them for posterity.

Kit is a barber also is a fashionable guy, he’s like some whiskey and always open new idea to design style for the clients, however, affected by different cultures.

Not only a barber with passion, Barber Ray has been an educator teaching the craft of barbering to the next generation. His philosophy is the good barber is someone who’s passionate, who’s doing it for the right reasons, doing it because it makes clients happy.